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October 18 2018

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October 05 2018

Gentle Waves

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August 19 2018

May 12 2018

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May 03 2018

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Ikebukuro - Tokyo, Japan

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🌺 May is Mental Health Month. 🌺 We’ve created t-shirts with gentle reminders of self-love. ❤️ 10% of each purchase goes to a charity for Mental Health + you get FREE U.S. shipping on all orders, no minimum purchase required!

Stand with us and together let’s spread love and awareness. CLICK HERE to shop for a good cause! 🙏❤️

IG: @dezre

As some of you may know, I’ve been dealing with an Anxiety/Panic Disorder, OCD and Depression. These  tees are personally designed and drawn out by me in hopes of spreading love, gentle reminders of self-care and awareness! Even if you can’t purchase to donate, please reblog and share! Thanks everyone.

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東京・中目黒 ∣ Nakameguro・Tokyo by Iyhon Chiu

April 30 2018

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April 22 2018

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MANILA GREY - Timezones (Official Music Video)

(prod. azel north) 

April 02 2018

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Manila, Philippines

Submitted by: Rap Meting

March 30 2018

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