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November 24 2017

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KOTOBUKIYA by ajpscs
Via Flickr:
© ajpscs

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November 22 2017

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November 21 2017

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November 11 2017

November 10 2017

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I look back at old photos of me that were taken before some big changes in my life were about to hit me hard. You never really know what to expect. Sometimes you don’t expect anything.

For me those changes were a wake up call, a reminder of who I really was and who I’ve always been. Sometimes we’re steered in all sorts of directions, but whatever your authectic truth is will always make its way back to you. Your truth will eliminate all paths but one.

November 09 2017

October 28 2017

Trolltunga, Norway
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October 11 2017

October 10 2017

October 09 2017


Fuji night view from Mt.Amari by Shinichiro Saka
Via Flickr:
甘利山から 韮崎、甲斐、甲府、笛吹の街の灯 2017:10:06 03:58:58

October 04 2017

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September 30 2017

Travel to Manchester.
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September 26 2017

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September 25 2017

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September 18 2017

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